I’m not new to the blogging world. When I was 13, I studied HTML & CSS on my own and had a few websites here and there. I was hosted for free by wonderful, fellow Pinays who shared the same interest in storytelling. Then, I impulsively bought my first domain name called twisted-sunshine.org when I was in high school. I hosted a few friends there. Trivia: I named it that because Ever After by Bonnie Bailey was my jam! Haha.  I ran it through WordPress with the little knowledge that I knew and often asked for help from online friends. Further down the road I spent less time updating, got a lot busier and closed it down altogether. However, 2 years ago, I got my second domain (forwarding) called wanderinfinitely.net where I wrote about my JTA travels, among other things, which I stopped renewing and reverted back to my default blogging platform, Tumblr. For 2017, one of my resolutions was to learn new skills and develop old ones, so here I am relearning the basics of CSS & PHP (gosh it’s difficult) and hopefully, upgrading them a bit – while at the same time, writing about my life and misadventures with this personal (self-named) domain as my outlet. 😊