Wanderland 2017 🌸

Good vibes ✌🏽🎶

Where to even begin! As I type this, memories of this amazing day keep flooding back. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that Wanderland is one of, if not, the most awaited music festivals in the country. People are enticed by the chill, laid back vibes of its outdoor setting topped off by the wonderful performances of international and local indie acts. If you come early, you can do a bunch of activities in different stations that would earn you tons of freebies. Before it was held in Circuit Makati but this year it was held in my home turf (the south yo) at the Open Grounds in Filinvest City. Sun soaked, high spirits, hearts ablaze, raw & reeling — easily one of the best experiences I’ve had so far in 2017.

We went around 4 pm so it wouldn’t be so hot
What I wore: Scarf from Cotton On, sunnies from Sunnies, fringe bag from H&M, kimono from Copper, denim dress from Topshop & Stan Smith Adicolor from Adidas (Disclaimer: I am NOT a fashion blogger! Haha)
With my Woodrose batchmates Teri, Lexy, Martha, Erica, Queenie & Bea ❤️ (this was not at all planned!)
High school never ends 💞
Cool fisheye by Arts Enriquez
Potrait by Erica Pelaez
CarZee by Bea Policarpio
Graffiti art by Jappy Agoncillo
LANY — so great live!

ILYSB is perhaps the newest (most millennial) way to express your love to someone. It’s LANY’s most popular song and it’s no surprise that it’s been highly praised. When you listen to it you can picture yourself cruising in a top down car, watching the sun as it sets in the horizon, while holding your lover’s hand. That was actually the case when Paul Klein came up with the song. Vinny Lamorena describes the inspiration for the hit:

Here’s how the story begins: It is during their first car ride together when he hears her say “I love you so bad.” She utters those words of affection to her sister at the other end of the line, saying she would soon be home from their Santa Monica trip.

He must have smiled when he heard her say it. And even when she spoke to another, she must have looked straight at his captivating green eyes, which are partly covered by his unruly curls, because she meant it for him, too.

He told himself that it’s the most amazing thing he has ever heard, and months later he would write a song called I love you so bad, depicting that car ride, and the rest of his unsaid feelings that have sprung from late nights.

This isn’t just how most picture “ILYSB’s” music video to be, this is exactly how the song was conceived.

“For a while, we would just keep talking in the car and we would say how our hearts beat for each other,” LANY’s vocalist Paul Klein reveals.“

She wrote ‘I love you so bad’ on a notepad and put it in my car. It’s still in my car, actually.”

I don’t know about you but discovering the story behind it made me fall even more in love with the song…so bad. Hearing it live in all its synthy, electronic and melodic glory, while wrapped in the arms of the person I love most was something so extraordinary I can’t possibly put it into words.
I’m a sucker for neon signs — the organizers really hit it with this one
You wouldn’t believe how long it took for us to have our turn to pose in front of this one 😆
CarZee #2 by Bea Policarpio
Portrait #2 by Erica Pelaez // While watching Purity Ring who were synth/electronic gods
No 3rd wheeling because our love goes all around hehehe
THE most fun I had that night dancing alone to Shut Up & Let Me Go & That’s Not My Name // They really know how to put on a show & get their crowd going!
Marco & Miguel by Bea Policarpio
Marco & Jam by Bea Policarpio

I wasn’t able to take photos of The Temper Trap — and truth be told I was so worn out from the wait (there was an unexpected delay of an hour between The Ting Tings and The Temper Trap sets) — but as soon as Love Lost played I lost all control and bawled my eyes out. Sweet Disposition was also so great live and will always be one of my favorite songs.

I’ve always been fascinated by the way music brings people together and in this festival, it was no different. Dancing to lose your inhibitions, feeling every beat touch your soul, feeding off the energy around you, connecting with strangers through movement, getting high off of life — music truly is a need to live a happy, stress-free life. Science says if you go to music festivals, you’re happier than most people. I can definitely attest to that. ☺️

Photos by Erica Pelaez, Bea Policarpio & Arts Enriquez, post-processing by me. 😁


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